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Advocating for you and the aging or disabled person in your life.

Catastrophic injuries or chronic illnesses that are disabling and life-altering can happen as a result of workplace or motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice or simply the aging process. Your family member or your client’s medical needs require a careful and thorough plan that addresses every aspect of life, from health care to housing. LBG’s Life Care Planning and Case Management services are available no matter where you live in the United States.

Whether you are the injured person or a senior who needs help with the challenges of aging, or a family member, guardian, attorney, financial advisor or special needs trustee, LBG Care Consulting finds the most appropriate resources. We’ll assess your situation, develop and facilitate a plan to achieve quality of life at the highest level.

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Our Nurse Case Management services help you achieve the highest quality of life by locating the most appropriate and cost effective services that best meet your challenges.